Webinar: Automated Determination of Oxygen Dependent Enzyme Kinetic in a Tube-in-Tube Reactor

A webinar was produced by DTU on “Automated determination of oxygen dependent enzyme kinetic in a tube-in-tube reactor”.

The webinar presents the operation and design of a novel apparatus to rapidly and reliably determine kinetics of oxygen dependent enzymes. Oxidation mediated by enzyme catalysis is of particular interest to synthetic organic chemists. However, the implementation of such systems demands knowledge of enzyme kinetics.

It is here shown how we integrate microfluidics, new reactor technology and automation to cover a wide range of reaction conditions required to test these enzymes. The webinar is composed of two parts, one being a presentation giving an overview of the system, the other is a walk through of the experimental setup.

This Webinar is now available for viewing. Click the image or link below:

EU PROJECT BIOOX WEBINAR: Automated determination of oxygen dependent enzyme kinetics in a tube-in-tube reactor.